O, shall I sing the song of a list of words.

Being an abridged visual catalogue of the exemplary wording-phrases as conceived in episode twenty-eight of the august Dead Authors Podcast, as performed by Mr. James Adomian (and hosted by Mr. Paul F. Tompkins).

Catalogue arranged by Jon White, a common-man.

A gentle wife–woman.
A father–woman of the pioneers.
The crisping cry of a winged walnut.
The shit–slinger.
The boot–busker.
The railroad–man.
The carpenter.
The newspaper'er, papering his news.
The fear of a thousand rear haunches.
Any household–man.
Fatherly pains.
The inn–house.
The bread–carpenter's house.
The loafing mountains of nunchuckeries.
The wood-cutter's song.
A bucket of water.
How babes suckled from the grasses of the northern plains.
Me as a child, an 80–year–old child, an 8,000–year–old child–man, singing.
An old congress singing itself to sleep every night.
The elk–elm.
The raven–goose.
The newspaper type–squares.
The print–labels.
The front–row man.
The gentle aisle–lady.
The shimmering trumpet–boy.
The tuba–girl.
The drummer–mate.
The drummer–captain.
A captain–man.
A horse–draw'er.
A farm–full of pigs.
Job, who took the river–boat all the way down from Minnesota.
The seashell–poke.
The Quaker–man.
The Protestant–woman.
A lone Catholic looking across the sea.
A salt–man.
A lick–boy.
A skin–rogue.
A wagon–boot.
A wisp of lippy–hair.
A thick coat covering his wagon–buskers.
The soup of comfort.
The officer–man.
The platoon–boy.
The wagon–train man.
The balloon–scout.
The deserter who still had a way with words.
The woman who dressed as a Shakespeare actor.
The barrel–mate.
A sailor's instrument.
The tea–hour.
Gentle American–fruits.
Sixteen grapes.
A plum–peach.